A boat gradually decays, doomed to remain on the foreshore
There is a graveyard with no headstones, no tombs and no memorials. The boat graveyard at Heswall is a place where mostly wooden hulled boats gradually decay into the soft mud banks. One of those secret photo locations, I wrote an article about the place on my website,

A Graveyard With a Difference

The Cork Stone
The Cork Stone is on the wild and windswept Stanton Moor in Derbyshire. The Cork Stone gets it’s name from it’s appearance which is somewhat like a cork for a bottle of fizz. Stanton Moor can be a mysterious, moody place which has a rich history dating back to the […]

Cork Stone

Abandoned Lime Kiln
This abandoned lime kiln is on Halkyn Mountain which is only ten minutes from my home. Halkyn Mountain is windswept rough land which is scattered with the remains of mines and quarries. On clear days, the views are spectacular and far reaching across the north west of England. The lime […]

Abandoned Lime Kiln

The Pier which leads you astray
Here is a breath of summer time blues for November. When visiting the seaside, a pier always makes for a good addition to a sea scape. Long leading lines with the captured motion of the sea. With these sort of scenes, the sky can only add to the atmosphere regardless […]

Focussing on the Pier

The Flintshire Bridge to Nowhere
  The Flintshire Bridge is nicknamed by the locals as “The Bridge to Nowhere”. I cross the bridge regularly which means I can understand why the locals chose that nickname. It’s usually a quiet road. The dual carriageway bridge does seem to be a little bit of over-kill for the […]

The Flintshire Bridge to Nowhere

Chester Cobbles
Whilst walking around the ancient City walls of Chester, I stumbled on this attractive cobbled street scene. The Walls of Chester are a great place to find many photo locations. There’s a good mix of ancient, medieval, old and modern to be seen. Of particular note is the Eastgate Clock […]

Cobbled street in Chester

The Ulster Tower in The Somme
The Ulster Tower was the first official memorial built on the Western Front after the end of World War 1. Find out how the Ulster Tower is connected with Alfred Lord Tennyson, the Theatre Royal of Drury Lane and Bangor in Northern Ireland. I have written a report on my […]

The Ulster Tower

  I took this shot of the moon long after sunset. It was almost completely dark. Post processing has turned it into something surreal and demonstrates just how much detail modern digital cameras can detect!

Surreal Moon Landscape

Blakemere Moss, a reflooded wetland in the Delamere Froset of Cheshire
Blakemere Moss is a shallow, wetland lake in Cheshire’s Delamere Forest. This is an excellent location for a wide range of photography including wildlife, insect, fungi and atmospheric forestry views when the mist starts swirling!

Blakemere Moss at Delamere Forest