Sunset on the Serengotchya
Serengotchya? So, we all know that the camera and photography worlds are filled with people who like to “get one over” by having ownership of a licence to use certain cameras and stuff. Phew, that was heavy going. Anyway, Saturday nights just aren’t the same without Val, Noel, Eric, Bruce, […]

Sunset over the Serengotchya

The Silver Jubilee Bridge
The Silver Jubilee Bridge crosses the River Mersey between Runcorn and Widnes. The bridge makes an impressive sight when caught in evening silhouette. Currently closed to traffic whilst it is being overhauled. Repainting the bridge will use over 27,000 litres of paint!

Silver Jubilee Bridge

Tower of London
The Tower of London is situated just outside the City of London. One of the many iconic sights of London, here the Tower is seen as the mist descended on a cold winters night.

The Tower of London

A peaceful evening begins
A peaceful evening drifts along the calm waters of a Scottish Loch

Peaceful Evening

Queens Park Bridge - Chester
Queens Park suspension bridge is a footbridge which links Chester city centre with the affluent suburb of Queens Park. This bridge, built in 1923, replaced an earlier suspension bridge.

Suspended in Chester

Star Circle
This atmospheric star circle is very well hidden above the small Peak District market town of Wirksworth. Well worth a visit on a clear night when the disc on the ground mirrors the stars in the sky.

Star Circle

Red on Red
What will you do on this Friday evening? Does this still life of red wine tempt you at all?

Red, Red Wine

London Waterfront
The River Thames waterfront makes for wonderful photographs in London. Legislation prevents the display of advertisements and signage on buildings. This helps to create wonderful views which highlight the architecture and no distractions This all helps to create fantastic photographic scenes such as this one.

Shard Scape

A Good Threshing
Threshing is something which has happened for thousands of years. An aspect of agriculture which has been mechanised since the first threshing machine of around 1786. Here is a vintage threshing machine, once a common sight throughout the countryside.

A Good Threshing

Red Dragon
Today is Remembrance Sunday. Today The United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth military servicemen & women who have sacrificed themselves to secure and protect our freedom. Ceremonies take place at memorials throughout much of the world as well as in Britain. One […]

Red Dragon

MGB GT at the Oude Abdij Hotel in Lo-Reninge, Flanders
An MGB GT having a Grand Tour around the battlefields of Flanders. Here parked in the Oude Abdij hotel at Lo-Reninge. The hotel is ideally situated for places such as Ypres, Tyne Cot and Passchendaele. It’s not unusual to find people touring Flanders in classic cars. In fact, the people […]

A Grand Tour of Flanders in a Grand Tourer

Curbar Edge in Derbyshire is a popular landscape location. Photographers can often be found here as the twilight hour approaches.

Curbar Edge