Cattle can always be relied on to pose for photographs! I recommend using a zoom lens unless you’re comfortable with them getting too close though. They can be very curious!


Heilan Coo
The Heilan Coo is a Scottish breed of cattle. They are descended from a breed which was brought to Britain by Neolithic farmers. Thanks to their double layer of hair, they are very hardy creatures who can tolerate winds, rain and snowy conditions. Highland cattle are a source of very […]

Heilan Coo

Blakemere Moss, a reflooded wetland in the Delamere Froset of Cheshire
Blakemere Moss is a shallow, wetland lake in Cheshire’s Delamere Forest. This is an excellent location for a wide range of photography including wildlife, insect, fungi and atmospheric forestry views when the mist starts swirling!

Blakemere Moss at Delamere Forest